BURKETOWN 91 Seismic Survey

1991 2D seismic survey

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Field Value
Survey Number 91004
Permit Number ATP423
Acquisition Start Date 1991-01-01
Acquisition Completed Date 1991-08-01
Seismic Sampling Method
Seismic Survey Dimensionality
Seismic Survey Status
Seismic Lines 91BN-3-A; 91BN-3-B; 91BN-5-A; 91BN-5-B; 91BN-6-A; 91BN-6-B; 91BN-7-A; 91BN-7-B; 91BN-8-A; 91BN-8-B; 91BN-9-A; 91BN-9-B; 91BN-10-A; 91BN-10-B; 91BN-11-A; 91BN-11-B; 91BN-12-A; 91BN-12-B; 91BN-13-A; 91BN-13-B; 91BN-14-A; 91BN-14-B; 91BN-15-A; 91BN-15-B; 91BN-16-A; 91BN-16-B; 91BN-17-A; 91BN-17-B; 91BN-18-A; 91BN-18-B; 91BN-19-A; 91BN-19-B; 91BN-20-A; 91BN-20-B; 91BN-21-A; 91BN-21-B; 91BN-22-A; 91BN-22-B; 91BN-23-A; 91BN-23-B; 91BN-24-A; 91BN-24-B; 91BN-25-A; 91BN-25-B; 91BN-26-A; 91BN-26-B; 91BN-27-A; 91BN-27-B; 91BN-28-A; 91BN-28-B; 91BN-29-A; 91BN-29-B; 91BN-30-A; 91BN-30-B; 91BN-31-A; 91BN-31-B; 91BN-33-A; 91BN-33-B; 91BN-41-A; 91BN-41-B; 91BN-42-A; 91BN-42-B; 91BN-43-A; 91BN-43-B; 91BN-44-A; 91BN-44-B; 91BN-45-A; 91BN-45-B; 91BN-46-A; 91BN-46-B; 91BN-47-A; 91BN-47-B; 91BN-49-A; 91BN-49-B; 91BN-50-A; 91BN-50-B; 91BN-51-A; 91BN-51-B; 91BN-52-A; 91BN-52-B; 91BN-53-A; 91BN-53-B; 91BN-54-A; 91BN-54-B; 91BN-55-A; 91BN-55-B; 91BN-3; 91BN-5; 91BN-6; 91BN-7; 91BN-8; 91BN-9; 91BN-10; 91BN-11; 91BN-12; 91BN-13; 91BN-14; 91BN-15; 91BN-16; 91BN-17; 91BN-18; 91BN-19; 91BN-20; 91BN-21; 91BN-22; 91BN-23; 91BN-24; 91BN-25; 91BN-26; 91BN-27; 91BN-28; 91BN-29; 91BN-30; 91BN-31; 91BN-33; 91BN-41; 91BN-42; 91BN-43; 91BN-44; 91BN-45; 91BN-46; 91BN-47; 91BN-49; 91BN-50; 91BN-51; 91BN-52; 91BN-53; 91BN-54; 91BN-55; 91BN-65; 91BN-VARIOUS
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
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