Mount Isa Region Airborne Data Merge 2020

The Mount Isa Region Airborne Data Merge 2020 product was created from a merge of recent high-resolution regional GSQ airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys and some large open-file exploration surveys in the North West Mineral Province.
The merge was created in Intrepid GRIDMERGE to a final cell size of 10m. The final data merge grids are presented as ers files (in zipped packages) projected in GDA2020 MGA Zone 54(EPSG:7854), Geotiff images have also been created. The merge consists of data from the Central Isa, Cloncurry South, Mary Kathleen, Cloncurry North, Roseby Project Area, Cameron River and MIM Open Range airborne geophysics surveys.

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Survey number DS000057
Permit number
Job number
Survey method Airborne
Observation method
Observation instrument
Survey interval (resolution in metres)
Survey status Final report received
Acquisition start date 2020-10-22
Acquisition completed date 2020-10-22
Survey extents in GeoJSON
Map tiles by MapBox, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
Maintainer email