2017 2D Seismic Survey. Additional data held by Geoscience Australia: Survey Number L210.

The L210 South Nicholson 1096 km-long deep seismic reflection lines were acquired from 6 June to 14 August, 2017. The survey involved the acquisition of seismic reflection and gravity data along five traverses, 17GA-SN1 (375 km), 17GA-SN2 (213 km), 17GA-SN3 (58 km), 17GA-SN3 (98 km), and 17GA-SN5 (352 km). The South Nicholson seismic survey was undertaken in collaboration with and funded by: The energy theme in Geoscience Australia - Exploring for the Future; Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS); Department of Natural Resources and Mines - through the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ); and AuScope.

Raw data for this survey are available on request from - Quote eCat# 116881

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Field Value
Survey Number 95541
Permit Number (GA Survey Number L210)
Acquisition Start Date 2017-06-06
Acquisition Completed Date 2017-07-14
Seismic Sampling Method
Seismic Survey Dimensionality
Seismic Survey Status
Seismic Lines 17GA-SN1; 17GA-SN2; 17GA-SN3; 17GA-SN4; 17GA-SN5
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
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