North East Queensland Mineral Deposit Atlas

As part of the New Economy Minerals Initiative , the W.H. Bryan Mining & Geology Research Centre (BRC) compiled an atlas of the major deposits in the Northeast Queensland. This atlas serves as a resource for explorers to help recognise the signatures and haloes of major deposits in the region, and to provide material which is complementary to the core collections being assembled in the state's core libraries.

A set of Deposit Atlases for the North West Mineral Province was created as part of the Strategic Resources Exploration Program and can be found here

Each Deposit Atlas contains a pdf document describing the deposit system, discovery history, geophysical and geochemical signatures and alteration of the system as well as a 3D Atlas datasets of all publicly available data. The 3D Atlases were compiled in Geoscience Analyst, a free 3D visualisation and communication software for integrated, multi-disciplinary earth models and data. Download it here.

This Dataset will contain the entire Deposit Atlas as a zipped file. Each deposit and their corresponding 3D Atlas can be found per chapter below:

Chapter 1 - Wolfram Camp Tungsten Deposit
Chapter 2 - Mount Carbine Tungsten Deposit
Chapter 3- Watershed Tungsten Deposit
Chapter 4- Baal Gammon & Gift Deposits
Chapter 5- SCONI Deposit

North East Queensland Atlas Locations

Locations of Deposit Atlas sites across the North East Queensland Mineral Atlas

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