Queensland Carbon Dioxide Geological Storage Atlas

Funding provided by the Queensland Government through the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), has allowed Greenhouse Gas Storage Solutions (GGSS) to undertake a technical assessment of the CO2 geological storage prospectivity of the major sedimentary basins in Queensland; the basins were specified by DEEDI. Production of this Queensland Carbon Dioxide Geological Storage Atlas was contracted to GGSS in August 2008 and was completed in July 2009. This initiative by the Queensland Government places it at the forefront of the world in making such detailed precompetitive data sets available in the public domain that document the perceived geological storage prospectivity.

In this atlas, thirty six basins have been individually assessed for their CO2 geological storage prospectivity using structural traps or migration assisted storage mechanisms in deep, regional reservoir-seal intervals (i.e. ‘saline’ reservoirs and aquifers). Regional synopses are also provided on the potential for CO2 storage of depleted oil and gas fields (including CO2-enhanced oil recovery) and deep ‘unmineable’ coal seams (including enhanced coal-seam gas recovery). These assessments, in the form of this atlas and accompanying geographic information system (GIS), will be used to target basins or parts of basins for more detailed study to identify potential storage sites for CO2.

-Queensland Carbon Dioxide Geological Storage Atlas in .pdf format
-A GIS in ArcGIS 9.2 containing digital copies of all files interpreted and used in the Atlas. All spatial data are also provided in MapInfo format
-Preliminary report on the potential for carbon geostorage in the Taroom Trough, Roma Shelf and the Surat, Eromanga and Galilee Basins in .pdf and .xls formats

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