1980 2D Seismic Survey. Additional Data available as Reports CR 8195 and CR 8298.

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Field Value
Survey Number 80017
Permit Number OEP17; OEP18
Acquisition Start Date 1980-01-01
Acquisition Completed Date 1980-12-31
Seismic Sampling Method
Seismic Survey Dimensionality
Seismic Survey Status
Seismic Lines 80-114; 80-114A; 80-114C; 80-14; 80-14A; 80-14B; 80-164; 80-164A; 80-206A; 80-206B; 80-245; 80-245A; 80-256-A; 80-256A-A; 80-295; 80-295A; 80-295B; 80-295C; 80-306-A; 80-306-B; 80-306A-A; 80-306B; 80-338-A; 80-338A; 80-338C; 80-338D; 80-338EX; 80-380A-A; 80-424-A; 80-424-B; 80-424A; 80-424B; 80-467A-A; 80-467C; 80-467D; 80-467F; 80-467G; 80-66A; 80-66B; 80-306; 80-424; 80-145; 80-14C; 80-195; 80-206; 80-380; 80-40; 80-467; 80-66; 80-82; 80-256; 80-256A; 80-306A; 80-338; 80-380A; 80-467A; 80-306(1)-X; 80-306(2)-X; 80-80-380,80-424-X
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
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