EPM 14363, 14730, 25757, 25759, 25760, 25761, 26182, 26283, 26367, 26566, 26595, ROUND 2, CEI0044, MARY KATHLEEN DOMAIN, FINAL REPORT

CR115136. Copper Mountain Mining Pty Ltd. Mary Kathleen Domain Gold Analysis from Regional pXRF Soil Samples.

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Field Value
Report number 115136
Report type
Permit number EPM14363; EPM14730; EPM25757; EPM25759; EPM25760; EPM25761; EPM26182; EPM26283; EPM26367; EPM26566; EPM26595
Dataset theme
Report contains these earth science data categories
  • Geochemistry
  • Geology
Geological or administrative feature
Geological or administrative feature name
Targeted or actual commodity GOLD
Report was generated by
Report period start date 2019-09-09
Report period end date
Open file date 2020-04-01
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
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