This data release focusses on the data collected by GSQ for IOCG deposits in the eastern Mount Isa Province. The choice of this particular area, with a specific focus on Cu+/-Au, deposits was driven in part by complementary GSQ-funded external projects, set up by GSQ in 2018, and strong industry engagement and support in the initial phase of this project.

The data collection focused on:
- Developing internal sampling process (sample size, sample spacing) for consistent collection of spot multi-element geochemical data from drill core across different types of deposits and mineral systems. - Collecting continuous drill core datasets (hyperspectral, XRF geochemistry, with core photography), to guide spot sampling and provide context to link other datasets - multi-element geochemistry, petrophysics, mineralogy, mineral chemistry, etc.
- Creating a sample collection and corresponding datasets to characterise mineralisation (and its within-deposit variability) and transition from mineralisation through proximal to distal deposit alteration footprints - to facilitate deposit vectoring research and its applications to exploration.
- Driving and facilitating collaborative research by sharing the sample set and associated data across the GSQ-funded external projects, with allowed multiple types of analyses (at different scales) to be collected on the same drill holes (and the same or adjacent samples).

Bibliographic reference: Dhnaram, C., Lisitsin, V., Gopalakrishnan, S., Tang, J., Killen, D. & von Gnielinski, F., 2021. Eastern Mount Isa Province IOCG data package. GSQ Technical Notes 2021/06.

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