Mount Isa Province Seismic Interpretation 2021 - Queensland Minerals and Energy Review 27

An extensive campaign of deep crustal seismic acquisition undertaken between 2014 and 2019 by the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ), with support from Geoscience Australia has produced approximately 2000 km of new data. This data bridges the gaps between historic seismic data, offering an interconnected network of deep crustal seismic which spans the northern part of Queensland from Birdsville to Camooweal and across to Townsville. This report has been a collaborative effort between the GSQ and UQ and is part of the larger North Queensland Seismic Project that also includes Geoscience Australia work is aimed at improving our big picture understanding of the geology and evolution of northern Queensland and implications for mineral and petroleum resources. The project integrates geology, geophysics and isotopic analysis to generate a new understanding of the structure and evolution of northern Queensland. This project leverages existing data assets, together with targeted data acquisition to improve our understanding crustal structure and evolution of northern Queensland. Knowledge of these structures is a vitally important basis for understanding mineral and petroleum potential across northern Queensland.

The main objectives of the Mount Isa Province Seismic Interpretation project were focussed on improving our understanding of the mid to lower crust with a specific focus on the 3D geometry of the major basement blocks or terranes that can be identified in seismic, and linking them to known basement blocks or units where possible. The results of this project are based on crustal-scale interpretation of all the major seismic lines integrated with magnetotellurics and tomography in the mid to lower crust, and surface geology and potential field data to help constrain the upper crustal interpretation. A first pass interpretation of the upper crustal section was conducted to help delimit the top of the basement terranes.

Reference: CONNORS, K., SIMPSON, J. & BROWN, D., 2021: Mount Isa Province Seismic Interpretation. Queensland Minerals and Energy Review 27. Queensland Minerals and Energy Review Series, University of Queensland & Department of Resources.

ISSN 2204-3454
ISBN 978-1-9256-0932-5

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