GSQ Technical notes — TN2021/03, Cloncurry Extension Magnetotelluric Survey

The Cloncurry Extension Magnetotelluric Survey Report provides data analysis and preliminary 2D inversions to accompany the survey data

The Cloncurry Extension Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey is located north of the township of Cloncurry, in the Eastern Succession of the Mount Isa Province. The survey expands MT coverage to the north and west of the 2016 Cloncurry MT survey. The survey was funded by of the Queensland Government’s Strategic Resources Exploration Programme, which aims to support the discovery of new mineral deposits in the Mount Isa Region. The 2020 survey added more than 500 new sites at 2 km station spacing to the existing data coverage in the region.

Initial inversions show a variety of conductive features including structures associated with major faults in the region.

Survey Data:

ISSN: 2206-0340 ISBN: 978-1-9256-0921-9

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