This report summarizes exploration for Duyfken Explorations Pty Ltd (the company) for the period 14 January 2017 to 13 January 2018. During the year the company focussed on the Riversleigh phosphate deposit, which was discovered by Broken Hill South during 1967-69. Geological mapping and percussion drilling data obtained from Open File exploration reports were digitised.
Duyfken was keen to find samples representative of the mineralisation. These samples were required for metallurgical purposes to determine if the mineralisation was amenable to newly devised leaching processes. The prospect was relocated in the field but only minimal phosphorite outcrop was identified at Riversleigh.
Two rock chip samples were submitted to Australian Laboratory Services (ALS) for analysis by the Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA). The MLA data was provided to Prudentia Processing Consultants (Prudentia) for ore analysis. The report noted that the levels of impurities (specifically Al and Fe) were above the required benchmarks and the product would have to be beneficiated. It was also noted that one of the samples (RV3) contained excess calcite. The calcite would have to be removed and this would be a secondary objective to be incorporated during the beneficiation process. The report suggested that the grade of one of the samples approached what can be fed to a phosphoric acid plant provided that minor elements can be reduced. Prudentia concluded that flotation, as commonly performed in the phosphate industry, would probably be required as a beneficiation upgrade.
The report also suggested that further test work would be required to identify probable processing solutions according with the likely ore grade and quality. During the reporting period no further work was undertaken but the next step would be to provide phosphate samples that are more representative of the deposit for further analysis. This could either be done by selective drilling or by excavating the exploratory shaft. The company is committed to securing funding in order to further evaluate the Riversleigh phosphate deposit.

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