ATP 2050 2020 Seismic Reprocessing Project

696.12 Km of vintage seismic data were re-processed and interpreted as part of the Year 1 commitment for Authority-To-Prospect 2050. ATP2050 lies in the northern Denison Trough of the Bowen Basin, between the towns of Springsure and Rolleston. The block contains three conventional exploration wells and 14 relatively shallow stratigraphic boreholes drilled by either state or federal government agencies. The primary objective of the reprocessing was to provide a more detailed and improved interpretation of the structural-stratigraphic architecture of the eastern portion of ATP 2050 where the conventional gas prospectivity is focused. A secondary objective was to improve the definition and understanding of the Late Permian Bandanna Coal Measures and Fairhill Formation coal seam gas plays. The mapping was extended to the western boundary of ATP 2050, (despite lack of seismic coverage), using outcrop data and GSQ stratigraphic borehole information. 46 seismic lines comprising nine vintages of digital-era seismic data from 1979 to 1995, were included in the reprocessing project. The field data was sourced from Queensland government archives and sent to Earth Signal Processing Ltd (Calgary, Canada), who conducted the data processing. A near-surface velocity model was used to derive a static solution that resolves most line intersection mis-ties between vintages. A combination of five-component frequency domain deconvolution, and pre-stack depth migration resulted in seismic sections that are superior to previous versions of the data which are publicly available.

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Report persistent identifier CR123659
Report type Seismic Survey Report - Reprocessing
Permit number ATP 2050
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    Report period start date 2020-04-27
    Report end date 2020-08-31
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