EPM26309, Batavia Downs 1, Cape York Project, Second Annual and Final Relinquishment Report

This is the second annual and final surrender report for EPM 26309, Batavia Downs 1.

The exploration permit was granted on 2 January 2018 over 100 sub-blocks and is valid for five years. The Tenement is located approximately 100km east of Weipa Township and partially covers an isolated plateau at 150-250m elevation which is dissected by headwaters of the Wenlock River. The plateau is capped by Mesozoic rocks of the Rolling Downs Group and Gilbert River Formation with residual sands flanking the plateau. The area has not been previously reported as explored for bauxite but contains a distinct radiometric response, typical of laterite in the area.

Due to challenging land access conditions and the onset of the Covid 19 global pandemic, there was no engagement with the traditional owers and hense no field work was completed during the reporting period.

Despite no physical work being undertaken within the licence since grant, further desktop review and a re-prioiritisation of the Rio Tinto Exploration portfolio of projects, has led to the decision to surrender EPM 26309 in its entrety.


Report persistent identifier CR122107
Report type Coal or Mineral Permit Report - Final (End of Tenure)
Permit number EPM 26309
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Dataset contains these earth science data categories Geology
Targeted or actual commodity Bauxite
Report is of geological features
Report period start date 2019-01-02
Report end date 2020-01-01
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