Gympie Gold Map Plans Collection

Gympie Eldorado Ltd. Mine Office Map Plans were made available to the Department in 2014 after relinquishment of mine and exploration operations in the Gympie area.

Selected core and the four vertiplans were recovered from Gympie and stored at the Exploration Data Centre, Zillmere, by Friedrich von Gnielinski with intent to digitise at a convenient time.

The former mine geologists Pat Stidolph and Mark Dugdale supplied supplementary data and compiled a geological report on the Gympie mine geology using the company’s unit identifiers. This is available as CR099245: GSQ RECORD 2016/05: STRATIGRAPHY, STRUCTURE AND GOLD MINERALISATION IN THE GYMPIE GROUP AT GYMPIE, QUEENSLAND

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Dataset persistent identifier MR010730
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    • Geoscience data
    • Operational data
    • Spatial data
    Contains earth science data categories
    • Mineral Resource Geology
    • Surface Geology
    • Surveying
    Dataset is of geological features
    Dataset start date 1980-01-01
    Dataset end date 2013-12-31
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    Map tiles by MapBox, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
    Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
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