Mount Lindesay 1:100000 Industrial Rock Map 1977

The Mount Lindesay map was published as part of the Workings of Extractive Materials 1:100 000 series to provide an interpretation of known industrial rock information. The map product is available to all government agencies, industry and the public for reference and is located within the Mount Lindesay (9441) 1:100 000 map area.

Geological Survey of Queensland - Workings of Extractive Materials. Dyeline. GSQ Record 1977/24.

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Dataset persistent identifier MR009535
Map series Mount Lindesay:9441
Dataset theme Geoscience data
Contains earth science data categories Quarry and Extractive Resource Geology
Dataset is of geological features
Dataset start date 1977-01-01
Dataset end date
Dataset extents in GeoJSON
Map tiles by MapBox, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
Maintainer email