Anakie Sapphire Fields Central Qld 2 Miles To An Inch Gemfields Map First Edition 1902

The ANAKIE SAPPHIRE FIELDS CENTRAL QLD Gemfields map was published in 1902 at 2 Miles to an Inch as part of the GSQ PUBLICATION series to administer permit and permit related spatial information. The map was maintained internally as a provisional office chart and is located within the (8450, 8451) 1:100 000 map areas.
The map product is available to all government agencies, industry and the public for reference.
Title and Image reference number is ANAKIE SAPPHIRE FIELDS CENTRAL QLD_6880.

GSQ Publication 172, Map1, William H Rands

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Dataset persistent identifier MR008942
Map series
  • Anakie:8450
  • Rubyvale:8451
Dataset theme Administrative data
Contains earth science data categories Gemmology
Dataset is of geological features
Dataset start date 1902-01-01
Dataset end date
Dataset extents in GeoJSON
Map tiles by MapBox, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Creator Geological Survey of Queensland
Maintainer email