Queensland Opal 1:1000000 Miscellaneous Map Fourth Edition 1993

Queensland Opal - Western Queensland Map 1 Edition 4 The Queensland Opal two Map Sheet and Commentary publication was revised in 1993, it is a guide to opal locations and prospective areas, and shows the access to various fields and mines. These fourth edition maps have a simplified geological background and updates have been made to the data on mine locations and their working status, and to Mining District boundaries. The emphasis on geology is intended to indicate the more prospective ground of the deeply weathered sections of the Winton Formation where opal is more likely to occur. As well, it is a map of the outcropping rocks of the country, and can be used whilst travelling the highways, minor roads, and bush tracks, not only to indicate good opal country, but also to reflect the landforms of the region. This publication is a joint development of the Department of Minerals and Energy, the Winton Shire Council and the Department of Business, Industry and Regional Development. The map product is available to all government agencies, industry and the public for reference.

Queensland Opal - Western Queensland Map 1 of 2 Edition 4 plus Commentary booklet. Author: Blight, RKJ, Gatehouse, NC, Wegner, M, McShea, R, Hill, R, Stewart, P.

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Dataset persistent identifier MR001856
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    Contains earth science data categories Gemmology
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    Dataset start date 1993-01-01
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    Map tiles by MapBox, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
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