The Strategic Resources Exploration Program

The Strategic Resources Exploration Program (SREP) was proposed to expand resource exploration and development for base metals and gas in North West Queensland. SREP forms a key component of the Strategic Blueprint for Queensland's North West Minerals Province, supporting exploration for the next round of mineral deposits to ensure economic longevity and community resilience in the North West. The program was active from 2017-2021.
Key outcomes of the SREP included:

  • Geophysics to pinpoint the locations of potential new mineral prospects over wide areas
  • Geochemistry programs to identify geochemical and hydrogeochemical anomalism in surface and water samples, which may be related to base metal deposits under cover
  • Mineral synthesis studies to develop a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the geology of the North West Minerals Province
  • Research into advanced analytical techniques used in the discovery of mineral deposits in frontier regions
  • Exploration for gas in the Georgina, South Nicholson and Isa Super Basins
  • The Geoscience Data Modernisation Program, to modernise legacy systems and enabling data driven exploration and resource development opportunities for Queensland
  • funding for the Collaborative Exploration Initiative, expanding and building on the past success of the Collaborative Drilling Initiative.



  • Geochemistry Tool Kit - The Geochemistry tool kit reviews a range of techniques to enhance geochemical exploration practice and encourage exploration in north-west Queensland
  • The Domain Map of Northwest Queensland - A compendium to the Geochemistry Tool Kit that includes an updated Depth to Basement model and GIS of the geochemical domains
  • Mineral Chemistry for Mineral System Geochemical Vectoring - Undertaken by the Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences (CODES) in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Queensland, the first systematic study of the trace element chemistry of a suite of common hydrothermal minerals from mineralisation and alteration of many Iron Oxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) deposits in Queensland, including Ernest Henry, SWAN and Starra as well as sediment-hosted Cu deposits in the western Mount Isa Province.
  • Hydrogeochemistry of Undercover Areas in the Eastern Mount Isa Province - Review of the mineral prospectivity of the eastern Mt Isa Block using groundwater geochemistry, defining new areas of interest requiring further investigation.

Mineral Synthesis

  • Igneous Geology of the Mary Kathleen Domain - GSQ Record focusing on the Igneous rocks of the Mary Kathleen Domain as well as some units in adjacent domains, with emphasis on granitoids of the Wonga Batholith, a major component of the Mary Kathleen Domain.
  • Mary Kathleen Geochronology Reports - Geochronology reports completed as part of Mary Kathleen Domain Geology Program
    GSQ Record 2019/02
    GSQ Record 2020/04
    GSQ Record 2021/01
  • Magma Fertility Concepts in the Mary Kathleen Domain - Magmatic History, Fertility and Metallogenesis of the Mary Kathleen Domain of the Mt Isa Inlier report compiled by EGRU - JCU
  • Geochemistry database analysis - Contractor-supplied analysis of available whole rock geochemistry for identification of igneous suites, supersuites and a focus on mafic rocks for tectonomagmatic inferences and petrogenesis
  • Central Mary Kathleen Domain and Landsborough Graben Solid Geology Interpretation - Report to come
  • GSQ Reference Collection of Mineral Systems in the NWMP Report to come
  • Ernest Henry Camp Scale Study data release - Data collection methods and observations on the alteration halo and geochemical signature of ore mineralisation of the Ernest Henry deposit
  • Cloncurry Mineral Systems - The world-first district-wide comprehensive multi-property petrophysical and mineralogical database for 1,590 samples from 23 Iron Oxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) and ‘Broken Hill-type’ (BHT) Ag-Pb-Zn deposits in the Cloncurry District of the Mount Isa Province, completed by CSIRO in collaboration with GSQ
  • Tick Hill Gold Deposit - Combines new petrological, geochemical, mapping and geochronological results, with materials from past exploration reports regarding this enigmatic deposit
  • Deposit Atlas - Atlas of major deposits in the Northwest Mineral Province including 3D Models and pdf report for each deposit.
  • NWMP Data-Driven Mineral Exploration And Geological Mapping - Data-Driven Mineral Exploration And Geological Mapping Report undertaken by CSIRO Mineral Resources and Data61
  • Cobalt and HREE Mineral Systems In The Mount Isa Block - Report on Cobalt and REE Prospectivity by KDC Consulting

Updated Geological Products

Map of SREP Dataset locations in North West Queensland


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  • Mineral Resource Geology
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