Year Two and Final Surrender Report

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Last updated January 27, 2022
Created January 27, 2022
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Description Year Two and Final - Surrender Report – EPM26692 / Opal Exploration The holder herewith applies for the surrender of EPM26692. -During the second reporting period, the proposed exploration of the Permit Area commenced and also concluded. -Satellite and Aerial surveying was carried out initially, followed up by on-ground surveys using 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles. -Once prospective areas were delineated, a nine inch drilling rig was used to test the selected sites. -The total number of nine inch diameter exploration holes drilled on the EP to date is 48 holes. -The total feet drilled is 1680 feet, as per the drilling log. -Test drilling revealed that the ground composition of most of the identified targets on the EPM area is unsuitable for the deposition of opal. -Subsequently, test drilling was conclusive in that it did not identify any target areas of interest with suitable opal deposits, which would warrant further investigation. -Therefore, the drilling program on the exploration permit area has been discontinued and concluded on the 26.07.2021. -The nine inch auger drilling rig was the only machinery used to explore the area. -All holes drilled have been backfilled automatically by the rig upon completion of each hole. -Therefore there exists no need for ongoing rehabilitation of the sites drilled. The holder herewith surrenders EPM 26692.
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