ATP 2043 Surat Basin 2D Processing Report

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Last updated December 22, 2022
Created December 22, 2022
License Creative Commons Attribution
Description Earth Signal Processing Ltd. was chosen to complete the re-processing of 59 2D lines located in and around exploration permit ATP 2043, in the Surat Basin, Eastern Australia. The project is comprised of 674.46 km of 2D vibroseis and dynamite data over eight vintages. The main objectives of the processing were: 1. to obtain an improved image over the Walloon Coal Measures 2. obtain an improved image of the Base Jurassic Unconformity and overlying Precipice Sandstone reservoir target, and 3. obtain improved fault definition and continuity in the uplifted Permo-Triassic Interval. Hence improving the definition of the interval above the Base Jurassic Unconformity and preservation of all structures were key drivers of the decision making during the processing. A key aspect of the re-processing project was to produce a consistent and robust static solution across all vintages. This required a reliable processing stream that focused on unified static solutions, velocity models and noise attention application. The resulting line ties were consistent in amplitude with negligible static and phase misties. The processing took place in the processing centre of Earth Signal, located in Calgary, Canada. The field seismic data, observer reports, and survey information were delivered via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Upon receiving all of the data, the processing began on September 11th and finished December 21st, 2019.
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