ATP 768 End of Tenure Report for period ending 2 July 2020

The report describes the broad activities that occurred since the grant of ATP 768 from 1 October 2004 to the relinquishment on 2 July 2020. Exploration and appraisal for coal seam gas resulted in the grant of PLs 398, 399 and 1008 for CSG production. Exploration and appraisal work was conducted on the Champagne Creek Anticline followed by a seismic survey to delineate potential Tight Gas Sand targets in the Taroom Trough, the drilling of which followed. Prospectivity of ATP 768 has been substantially downgraded following the results of the Moa-1 and Moa-2 wells. The Triassic Lower Rewan Group is now not considered prospective in the remaining extent of ATP 768. The underlaying Permian section could have some remaining Tight Gas Sand prospectivity, however the top Permian is deeper than 4000m (below GL), beneath the currently anticipated depth floor to economic development and not considered to warrant further exploration.


Report persistent identifier CR120622
Report type Petroleum Report - End of Tenure (ATP/PL)
Permit number ATP 768
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  • Coal Seam Gas
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Report period start date 2004-10-01
Report end date 2020-07-02
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