GSQ Open Data Portal Content Upgrade


26 Feb 2024


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Department of Resources

First Steps

The GSQ Open Data Portal (ODP) has received an upgrade! The biggest feature of which, is that you are now reading this article. The ODP team have implemented, alongside some stability, basic function and background fixes, a system for the publication of news, articles and announcements. This new system creates new opportunities for the ODP team as well as the GSQ to share a direct line of communication with you, the users of the portal. The GSQ plans to use the space to keep users up to date with events and projects that the GSQ are involved in.


Whilst this is the first major change to the ODP in the two years since its launch in early 2020, it is by no means the last. The GSQ and ODP teams are working on several interesting proposals which could fundamentally alter the data that the ODP provisions. With the recent Lodgement Portal Expansion upgrade changing the way that production and sales figures are reported, and the transition to templated data submission for annual and activity based reports, access to data has begun to shift in an exceptionally positive direction. Advances in the tools and techniques that we use to parse and process data submitted to us could take the ODP in a number of directions, and the ODP team have been working towards ensuring that always will mean more, better and easier access to data for our users.


Be sure to keep an eye on the featured articles section, or latest articles feed on the GSQ Open Data Portal front page, for all the latest posts about what's happening with the GSQ and with the Data Portals.


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