Cloncurry Inversion modelling report released!


18 Feb 2024


Janelle Simpson


Cloncurry Inversion modelling report released!

A new report showcasing recent 3D inversion modelling of the complete Cloncurry magnetotelluric dataset has just been released. This work, spearheaded by GSQ geophysicist Janelle Simpson, contains a suite of inversion models and detailed writeup of the thoughts behind the models and the modelling results achieved. There is also a model package containing several different formats to help people interrogate the model suite for themselves.

Figure 1. Results from recent Cloncurry inversion project

Results of modelling show several strong conductors in the modelling area coalescing into a large mid-crustal conductor. Some of the identified conductors are associated with major faults, while others are discrete upper crustal conductors potentially of interest to exploration companies. Figure 1 shows results from one of the inversion models. The report and model package can be found here.

Figure 1. Results from recent Cloncurry inversion project. a) solid geology of the project area and MT sites used in inversion, white box indicated location of panel b. b) 5 km depth slice out of one of the models in the report. c) Extracted conductivity section along the profile indicated in panel b to a depth of 40 km.

For more details or if you have any questions, please contact Janelle Simpson.

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